Burattino Pizza announces it’s entry into OneRare, the World’s First Foodverse

4 min readApr 5, 2022


One of the most beloved American pizzerias, Burattino Pizza, is making it’s foray into the Food Metaverse. Get ready for mouthwatering NFTs as we build the world’s best Pizza Experience in Web3.

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with Burattino Brick Oven Pizza to bring a slice of heaven to the foodverse. OneRare will work closely with the Burattino team to launch an exclusive range of Pizza NFTs and create the ultimate pizza experience on the blockchain.

Burattino Pizza was founded by Chef Lee Kim & investors, Emil Chiaberi and Donna Kasseinova in 2016. They currently operate in USA and Canada, and their Foodverse pizzeria will focus on dishing out yumminess to their global fanbase, who cannot access their physical locations.

“Six years ago we took a local pizzeria and made it global. We used social media to expand its geography. Now we’re going to take it one step further and expand it into a new dimension. And we couldn’t have hoped for better partners than visionaries at OneRare”, says Donna.

In the first phase of the collaboration, OneRare’s team will work closely with Lee and his team to create Pizza NFTs inspired by their fan-favorites and top sellers.

Enjoy these delish pizzas as NFTs in the Foodverse (Calorie-free!)

Burattino is reknowned for its large and global social media following. Videos, featuring their trademarked “Crunch, Baby, Crunch“ and 120 Pepperoni, are among the most watched in the world. Every week their content reaches up to 20 million users on social media. Moving into the Foodverse allows them to take this pizza experience to new heights.

Chef/owner Lee Kim believes that in time metaverse will become just as integral to food brands as social media is today. “Ten years ago, I didn’t know a single restaurant owner who’d care about having a social media account. Now, it’s a key element of success. I believe that metaverse is the next logical step. That’s why I’m so excited to join forces with OneRare to build the world’s best virtual pizza experience.”

At OneRare, we have been the biggest fans of Pizza — quite a well known secret thanks to our inhouse Pepperoni Pizza NFT Artwork that trends every month. Collaborating with the Burattino team is all about taking to the next level.

Talking to Supreet Raju, Co-Founder at OneRare, about this collaboration, “We are thrilled to bring Burattino Pizza into our Foodverse as our first Pizza Partner. Pizzas are the most favorite food across the world, and Burattino is a perfect ally for us in creating a unique pizzeria experience using Web3 technology.”

Get ready for the most scrumptious experience in the metaverse, which is thankfully calorie-free. Let’s pizzafy the blockchain !


Burattino Brick Oven Pizza is a famed artisan pizzeria with presence in Los Angeles and Toronto, known for its innovative recipes and crunchy thin crust.

Founded in 2016 by Lee Kim, Burattino Pizza started it’s journey in San Pedro, CA. With rapid growth, the business was featured in LA Business Journal, CNN, Food & Wine, Culinary Review, Buzzfeed, amongst others, and Burattino became one of the highest-grossing pizzerias in the US.

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