Celebrating Community-picked Dishes in the Foodverse

6 min readJan 2, 2023


GM Foodies, hope all of you are currently finishing up the festive leftover cookies at home.

As we near the end of Season One, we wanted to do something special for our community. Our foodies keep asking, when will this xyz dish launch in the Foodverse?

We get it. All of us would like to see our favourite dishes in the Foodverse and claim their NFTs. So we thought, let’s bring the favourite dishes of our community members to our Kitchen.

From 21st November to 12th December, we asked our community to share dish names on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, & Telegram. Each person was allowed three dishes. We were overwhelmed by the response from our community members. To make it even fairer, we ran multiple polls on Twitter and now finally, we have our finalists. Winners of this contest will win a Lucky Harvest Box, full of unique Ingredients to help you get a headstart in Dish minting.

15 community-picked Dishes will be released in the OneRare Kitchen during the Final Week of Season One. Community Week will start on 02nd January 2023 and will end on 06th January 2023.


Curried Crab & Dumpling, Beef Stroganoff, Fumbua, Pongal, Sarmale cu mamaliga, Fotiaoqiang, Cassoulet Toulousain, African Irio, Aloo Chat, Veg Manchurian, Malai Kofta, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Litti Chokha, Bunny Chow & Mofongo

Beef Stroganoff, Curried Crab & Dumpling, and Fumbua

Jooleeano wanted to bring Beef Stroganoff to the Foodverse as this was their favourite dish as a young kid. Indulge in the rich, creamy goodness of Beef Stroganoff, a dish made with thinly sliced beef simmered in a savoury sauce with sour cream, onions, and mustard. The second Dish is a pick by Minimum Grunt, he wants to see more Dishes from the Caribbean Islands. The official national dish of Tobago, Curried Crab & Dumpling is a fusion of succulent crab meat and aromatic coconut curry, nestled in pillowy dumplings! Mission_Celery_2485 suggested we add Fumbua, a dish from their country Angola. Loaded with the goodness of spinach, this hearty dish shows off the distinct cooking style of the region.

Litti Chokha, Malai Kofta, & Veg Manchurian

Litti Chokha originated from the Bhojpuri region of India, also the home of our community member Tenth Titan who picked this dish. Take a bite into tradition with the earthy flavours of Litti Chokha. Comradepasta remembers Malai Kofta as the go-to dish for their family dinner parties. Bursting with flavour & texture, this dish is sure to be a hit at any gathering. Veg Manchurian is an Indian fusion of spicy, sweet-sour flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. Raima believes that is a good enough reason for this dish to be in the foodverse.

African Irio, Cassoulet Toulousain, and Shrimp Mofongo

Myklthomas picked a classic Kenyan delicacy. African Irio is a savoury mash of peas and potatoes, cooked with aromatics. Lewisstempel wanted Cassoulet Toulousain to represent the South-West France region in the Foodverse. A slow-cooked stew, it offers a fantastic fusion of meat and crunchy white beans, best-paired with sliced baguette to soak up the flavorful broth. Shrimp Mofongo is the favourite Dish of Shettytj. They discovered the dish during a vacation in Puerto Rico. This delightful combination of pan-fried mashed plantains simmered in a thick creamy stew will surely transport you to the Caribbean with each bite.

Aloo Chat, Bunny Chow, & Ven Pongal

Dismal Parfait’s favourite street food is without any doubt Aloo Chat. Mixed with aromatic spices and herbs, this tasty snack is a must-try for all potato lovers. Manish Damani loves cooking South African Cuisine and he has recently mastered Bunny Chow. A signature South African curry dish served in a hollowed out bread loaf. Aditya Murali’s pick for the foodverse is Ven Pongal. A celebrated dish of the Pongal festival menu, this dish is great to enjoy on the breakfast table with your entire family.

Chocolate Mousse Cake, Fotiaoqiang, & Sarmale Cu Mamaliga

Ambitious Catto believes they have found their one true love — Chocolate Mousse Cake. A slice of French luxury, it is made by layering moist chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate mousse filling. Gogo3402621’s pick for the OneRare Kitchen is a Fujian classic — Fotiaoqiang. Athick stew known for its irresistible aroma. Isflt wants the foodverse to bring more dishes from Romania and he suggests we start with Sarmale cu mamaliga. The National Dish of Romania, Sarmale Cu Mamaliga is steeped in tradition and history.


OneRare is building the Largest Community of Foodies in Web3. We are inviting foodies from different corners of the world to celebrate food in the Foodverse. We want to tell our foodies that this is your space; a universe where you can have fun with the thing you love the most — Food.

It will be exciting for foodies to see their picked dishes in the Foodverse and we cannot wait to see how they celebrate it.


The soul of any project is a powerful community. Our community will always be an essential part of our building process. OneRare wants to empower our foodies and involve them in significant development of the Foodverse.

This is just the beginning. Be it picking dishes for our kitchen or helping us make our product better, we will always keep our community in focus.

So whenever you have a Dish that you would like to see in the Foodverse, feel free to let us know in our Telegram Community.

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