Foodful launches their first-ever Restaurant in OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readMay 23, 2022


Foodful, a revolutionary business from Norway, is set to launch it’s first-ever restaurant in the world’s first Food Metaverse — bringing their mission of providing high-quality seafood without harming the marine ecosystem to the blockchain.

Welcome to Foodful’s first Restaurant in the Foodverse

OneRare is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with Foodful and bring sustainable choices to the Foodverse. Foodful is fast-growing, inventive, and ambitious company working towards protecting marine life and providing maintainable seafood alternatives.

Celebrating this collaboration, OneRare will create the first-ever Foodful Restaurant in the foodverse to introduce the Foodful mission and products to global consumers and expand in the Web3 space. Foodful is working steadily to bring their products to market, and this virtual restaurant allows them to showcase their newest launches to global foodies.

Enjoy Foodful’s Virtual Menu & Food NFTs

Foodful is an international company and was ideated in Norway, a country with thousands of years of fishing tradition. With growing concerns about marine life depletion and climate change, Co-Founders Stine Norum and Brian West decided to step up and bring a radical change to the food market — introducing plant-based seafood that encourages ethical choices and nutrition.

With OneRare, their aim is to bring this message to global Web3 audiences and leverage the power of this modern technology to disrupt traditional mindsets towards Seafood consumption.

Foodful is about creating a sustainable alternative to disrupt the fishing industry. Web3 is disrupting the world as we know it. To make real progress, we need to make sure we are truly plugged into the greatest innovations of our time.

-Stine Norum, CEO & Co-founder, Foodful

Foodful has worked closely with the OneRare team to develop their virtual restaurant — inspired by the very cause they promote, the Marine Life. The Virtual Restaurant is an homage to our oceans and the seafood-menu at Foodful with a flowing restaurant setup, NFT Gallery, Video viewing Lounge and much more.

The Virtual Restaurant will allow foodies to explore Foodful’s mission, understand the importance of ethical eating, discover the technology in Foodful products, buy NFTs, attend launch events — and much more.

Here are the first glimpses of the Foodful Restaurant, exclusively for our readers !

Foodful’s Restaurant is all celebrating Marine Life & Ethical Food Choices

With a similar mindset towards Food & innovation, OneRare is excited to collaborate with Foodful and launch their unique perspective on seafood in its Metaverse.

Foodful is leading the revolution for better food choices. What we consume affects not just our present, but also our future. We at OneRare are delighted to partner with Foodful and launch their first restaurant in our foodverse. We cannot wait for user to discover the beautiful story behind Foodful & experience a better way of living.

-Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare

Get ready for a unique Marine experience in the metaverse — it’s time to celebrate your favorite seafood while saving the sea, bite by bite.


Foodful is a future food company working to disrupt the current food system as we know it. Foodful plans on producing plant-based and cultivated seafood products which are good for you and the planet.

Still in the growth stage, Foodful has just launched its first product, and now has ambitions to expand both- its menu and global reach. People behind Foodful wanted to do their part in changing the global food system, and hence the company was founded. Current food production is unsustainable and inefficient, and we need a transformation in how we consume food to improve the climate.

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