Hardpops, the boozy ice-pops, is set to enter OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readAug 25, 2022


Hardpops, a grown-up twist to our childhood favorite ice-pops, will soon open an experience store in OneRare’s Foodverse with an aim to find passionate fans of their fun-filled product with a kick of nostalgia.

Relive the nostalgia of icy bliss with a boozy kick, only in OneRare’s Foodverse!

OneRare is overjoyed to announce that Hardpops, a boozy take on the classic ice-pop, will be opening their first ever Web3-store in OneRare’s Foodverse. This store will be a paradise for icy-lovers worldwide, who are up for a tipsy twist.

Hardpops is an innovative product with a mature take on ice-pops, with ingredients and edible colors which are au naturel making them perfect summer coolers and widely popular amongst grown-ups across Canada. With their entry into OneRare’s Foodverse, Hardpops plans on popularizing their unique products across the globe, anchoring on OneRare huge community of food lovers, while sharing their brand story in an immersive experience in OneRare Food Metaverse

Hardpops is nostalgia packed in pop colors with a boozy kick, perfect for when you want to have fun without getting wasted.

OneRare will help Hardpops set up their experience store, with interactive display of their products and a detailed description of their frozen cocktails. OneRare will also turn their vivid flavors into unique NFTs that will come with real-world use-cases apart from being a flattering collectible.

Hardpops comes in two natural flavors — Yuzu Mango & Mojito — which will soon be converted into Food NFTs

Talking to their founders about entering the Foodverse —

“We’ve already seen how retail can be enabled by Web3 in a transactional sense, whether it be by accepting crypto currencies or even NFTs as payment. I think the bigger part of that “retail” picture though, is how brand-building can step into the this same ecosystem. Virtual communities, digital commemoration of memberships, exclusive benefits, and of course, virtual spaces.

We’re excited to enter the Foodverse with these ideas in mind; some being direct parallels of real-world brand communities, and some entirely new and exclusive to the Foodverse. We’re right at the forefront of something with pretty well endless possibilities, and that’s exciting to explore.”

— Gabrielle Mustapich , Co-Founder, Hardpops

Founders of Hardpops — Sheereen Price (left) with Gabrielle Mustapich (right)

OneRare is ecstatic to have Hardpops on board with us! Talking to our team about this partnership —

We are happy to be the chosen platform to expand Hardpops’ reach, globally. Their boozy ice-pops are a fantastic summertime cocktail and the users of Foodverse are up for a treat.

-Supreet Raju, Co-Founder, OneRare

We cannot wait to see what global Ice-Pop fans think of this new treat! Details coming out very soon.!


Boozy ice pops for grown ups, Hardpops are made with 100% natural flavors, colors, and premium wine. Nostalgic moments of icy bliss, grown up-ified. The idea came to the founders, Sheereen & Gabby on a hot Vancouver summer night back in 2017, while wishing for a cool-down solution that was a little more grown up! They have come a long way since the days of self-producing with temperamental little ice pop machine. Hardpops now provides a tamper-proof drink option — a frozen cocktail with 100% natural flavors and colors that won’t leave you with a bitter aftertaste.

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