Honeybee Burger is Ready to Buzz into the Metaverse with OneRare, the World’s first Foodverse

5 min readApr 12, 2022


Honeybee Burger, the beloved plant-based Burger business from Los Angeles, is set to fly into OneRare’s food metaverse with a grand mission: help save the planet by making plant-based food more desirable, accessible, and available everywhere — even virtually!

The world needs bees to help feed our growing population, and so does the Metaverse !

OneRare will celebrate bees and plant-based food in its latest partnership with Honeybee Burger, a totally vegan burger mini-chain from the USA that focuses on Vegan “2.0” — serving the best, most exciting and delicious plant — based alternatives to traditional burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, breakfast items, and more.

Honeybee Burger was the idea of former Wall Street executive Adam Weiss, who opened his first location in 2019 in Los Angeles. Now the Honeybee colony is ready to swarm to cities across the US, with a new location coming to New York City this summer, and 2 others planned for Chicago later this year.

OneRare will work closely with the Honeybee team to create an amazing virtual experience in the Foodverse that celebrates plant-based food and sustainable dining. The Virtual Hive will feature an NFT menu by Honeybee that aims to promote plant-based eating and sustainability.

Promoting Healthy Eating through NFTs & more !

Honeybee Burger has already established its presence in LA, and has a large and growing social following (28k+ Instagram followers), great reviews (4.5 stars), tens of thousands of customers served, and award-winning burgers, fried chicken and filet of fish sandwiches, and breakfast classics as well.

The move to the Foodverse allows Honeybee to open their first virtual location and attract global audiences — not just to celebrate the yumminess, but also to emphasize the message of saving the environment by making enlightened and more humane food choices.

Honeybee Burger has been growing location to location — & now to their first Virtual location in our Foodverse !

Honeybee has stayed true to their passion for the environment since their inception in 2018 by Adam Weiss, who now serves as the CEO & Director. Adam believes the Honeybee customer is very sophisticated and ready to embrace and appreciate novel ideas — even when served online in the virtual foodverse.

“We like to think of Honeybee as an innovator, redefining the potential of vegan food in order to increase the appeal of plant based dining globally. On the food side, that means bringing new and exciting plant based products to our customers, including things like Nowadays chick’n nuggets, which we were the first to offer, and also Akua kelp patties, which we were the first QSR to serve. This innovation extends to our business and marketing, where we were one of the first to use Regulation CF to raise funds, and now we want to be one of the first to market in the metaverse.”

-Adam Weiss, CEO & Director, Honeybee

Speaking to the OneRare team about this collaboration, there is palpable excitement about how Honeybee Burger can change the mindset of not just American consumers now, but audiences worldwide.

“Honeybee Burger is celebrating fast-food classics, but eliminating any animal products, and using all sustainable products and packaging, for the planet, and for our shared future. We are delighted to partner with Adam and his team and spread awareness about plant-based eating amongst blockchain audiences.

— Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare

With OneRare and Honeybee Burger intent on saving the planet one plant-based burger at a time, this collaboration will also aim to raise awareness towards reducing our carbon footprint and making healthier choices. Now that’s something we can all get bee-hind !


Honeybee Burger is a 100% plant-based food company that is aiming to become an iconic national fast-food brand. Its mission is to help save the planet by getting more people to choose plant-based food over animal-based food by focusing on America’s most popular and iconic fast-food: burgers!

Honeybee’s founder, Adam Weiss, came up with the idea of creating a mission-driven plant-based food concept back in 2018. Adam opened the first Honeybee location in 2019 in Los Angeles. And today Honeybee is on its way to giving the world a new and distinctive perspective on fast food.

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