Introducing Booster Cards in FoodTruck Wars: an absolute game-changer!

4 min readApr 29, 2023


FoodTruck Wars build 2.0 will have Booster Cards to be added to a 2-Day gameplay.

FoodTruck Wars just got more exciting!

FoodTruck Wars is a PvPvP game exclusive for OneRare Dish owners. Players pit their prized dishes against each other based on the theme of the round. For more details on FoodTruck Wars, read our introductory blog.

Adding to the thrill of the ultimate battle of dishes, FoodTruck Wars build 2.0 will have a 2 Day Format & Custom Themes. The game will run for 2 consecutive “Days” (Rounds), allowing players to play Day 1 (Round 1) & improve their game or destroy their opponent’s game based on the Day 1 report card in Day 2 (Round 2). Day 2 will begin with the same set of Dishes as selected initially in Day 1, but with an addition of BOOSTER CARDS!

Additionally, each round is now designed with Custom Theme, that matches the theme of its “Country”. With custom backdrops and elements drawing inspiration from the country the round is based upon, FoodTruck Wars gets a makeover that’s absolutely addictive. Read on to know more.


Booster Cards include various options to enhance or decrease a player’s chances of earning maximum money from customers visiting their FoodTruck. The update will introduce 8 in-game Booster Cards, that can be applied at the end of Day 1 (Round 1).

At the end of Day 1, players are shown an evaluation sheet where they can see the 6 dishes and their earnings. They can then decide to put Booster Cards (maximum of 2) on any or all of the 6 Dishes. Players can either strengthen their own dish or damage an opponent’s dish with Booster Cards.

8 in-game Booster Cards will be introduced in the FoodTruck Wars build 2.0

🟢 +1 Green Dot

This card will increase one dot for the dish, which will increase from Right to Left. Players cannot get Country dot before getting Region and Continent dot.

🔴 -1 Green Dot :

Inverse of the above, this card reduces one Green Dot, must be applied to an opponent’s dish, and the dots will reduce from Left to Right.

🟢🟢+2 Green Dot :

Increases 2 Green Dots, must be applied to a player’s dish, and will increase from Right to Left

🔴🔴-2 Green Dot :

Reduces 2 Green Dots, must be applied to an opponent’s dish, and will reduce from Left to Right

➕10 Factor :

Adds 10 points to a player’s Factor Score.

➖10 Factor :

Subtracts 10 points from a player’s Factor Score.

➕30 Factor :

Adds 30 points to a player’s Factor Score.

➖30 Factor :

Subtracts 30 points from a player’s Factor Score.

After selecting your Booster Card, you can lock them in the game, or they will be auto-locked after the timer runs out.

Apply Booster Cards to your or your opponent’s Dishes before proceeding to Day 2.

Each booster will be worth a small price but can help you win big rewards. The total amount spent on buying boosters will be deducted from your game wallet.

These Booster Cards offer exciting opportunities for players to strengthen their game or damage their opponent’s game. Players will need to think strategically about which Booster Cards to use and on which dishes to use them.

Final Report Card with a comprehensive report of Day 1 & Day 2 earnings

Your strategy to use Booster Cards will eventually decide your position in the Final Report Card based on Day 1 + Day 2 earnings of their Dishes. So, strategize, choose wisely, and let’s battle it out for the title of the Ultimate FoodTruck Owner!

Country Themes

In the new update, players will be able to immerse themselves even more into the FoodTruck Wars experience with the overall theme of the gameplay matching with the round’s theme.

German Apprentice Round with background inspired from the pavemented streets of Germany

These theme-based background will create a unique atmosphere for each round, turning the overall play even more exciting & engaging.

With these new features, FoodTruck Wars is sure to bring a new wave of excitement in the OneRare Playground!

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