Level Up your way to Food Supremacy with Level Lab in OneRare Foodverse

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Are you ready to Level Up your way to Food Supremacy? Then, you’re in the right place! OneRare introduces Dish Levels that will make the Kitchen very exciting for our foodies and chefs. Let’s check it out!

Level Lab in OneRare Foodverse

OneRare is all set to launch the Official V2 of our Game and in this version, we bring about a radical change in our Kitchen. Have you always lamented about the missed opportunity of minting your favorite dish? Well, now you have all the rights to mint your favorite dish at it’s base level ! Introducing Levels.

Dish Levels will allow all Dish Owners to upgrade their Dish NFTs in the Level Lab. With Levels, players can enjoy the perks of higher-level dishes, eliminate gas fees for simple transactions, and gain advantages in Foodtruck wars as well as other games in the OneRare Playground. So, get ready to taste success and Level Up your culinary game in the Foodverse!

Here are a few quick FAQ to get you started :

Q: What are Levels in the Foodverse?

⬆️ Levels are an epic feature introduced by OneRare in the Foodverse that allow players to level up their Dish NFTs. All OneRare Dishes start in the Kitchen at Level 1 when created. The Level Lab allows you to take your Dishes from Level 1 all the way up to Level 7, making them more powerful Dishes in the Playground and Ecosystem.

Q. What happens to the current Minting Difficulty in Dishes?

⬆️All OneRare Dishes in the Kitchen will now start at Level 1 and require only 1 of each Ingredient to cook up the Dish. This moves us away from the minting difficulty mechanism in our Kitchen, and players no longer have to fret about rising recipe demands. As stated in the recipe, a player will be able to mint a Level 1 Dish by combining ingredients that do not escalate with every subsequent mint. Instead, we will now power up our dishes with Levels.

Q: How are the Levels represented in the NFTs?

⬆️All Dishes without Frames (what you have seen in our Kitchen till now) are Level 1 Dishes. With each Level, the Dish NFT will done a different frame, each representing the level with a material and a number.

Level 2 — Wood | Level 3 — Bamboo | Level 4 — Marble | Level 5 — Copper | Level 6 — Silver | Level 7 — Gold

Level 2 starts with a Wood Frame, followed by Bamboo (3), Marble (4), Copper (5), Silver (6) and the ultimate power level of 7 represented by Gold.

Q: Why were levels introduced?

⬆️ The previous system made it progressively harder to mint a dish with each subsequent mint, this made new gamers with limited assets, lose hope of ever minting their favorite dishes. OneRare is introducing levels to make it easier for all players, old & new to own atleast 1 mint of their favorite Dish NFTs.

Q: What is the “Level Lab” ? How do levels work?

⬆️ Each Dish NFT can be leveled up to level 7 in the “Level Lab”. To level up a dish, players must have 2 Dish NFTs of the same dish at the same level. Combining any 2 Dishes at the same level takes you to the next level.

Meaning, 2 French Fries NFTs of Level 1, for example. Once the player has 2 same NFTs, he can head to the Level Lab and combine them (which would burn these 2 Dish NFTs) to create a Level 2 French Fries.

Now that you have a Level 2 French Fries, you can also create/purchase another Level 2 French Fries. Combining 2 Dishes of Level 2 will take you to Level 3 and so on. The final Level 7 will be unlocked by combining 2 Dishes of Level 6.

Q: How do I know if my dish is eligible for leveling up?

⬆️ You can open up the Level Lab to see which dishes are meeting the criteria in your wallet. The Dish NFT must be two copies of the same dish at the same level. It is important to meet both these criterias to level up your dish.

Q: What are the benefits of leveling up my dish?

⬆️ Leveling up a dish provides advantages in Foodtruck wars and other games in the OneRare playground. Having a more powerful dish will be beneficial for you in the long run in our ecosystem as well (more to be revealed soon).

Q: Can I level up all my Dishes to Level 7?

⬆️ Yes, you can level up all your dishes to Level 7 as long as you have the right NFTs and the Lab Fee for the transactions.

Q: What is the “Lab Fee” ? How much does it cost to level up a dish?

⬆️ The cost of leveling up a dish or the “Lab Fee” depends on the desired level. The lab fee is fixed for each level upgrade in our Lab currently.

Q: Is the Lab Fee a one-time payment?

⬆️ Yes, the Lab Fee is a one-time payment for each level up. Once you pay the lab fee and buy the next level dish, your dish NFT will be upgraded to the next level permanently.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to level up my dish?

⬆️ If you don’t want to level up your dish, you can keep it at its current level. However, you will not be able to enjoy the advantages that higher-level Dishes add to your Foodverse experience.

Did we miss a query? Ask the OneRare Team directly!

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