OneRare becomes the Official Food Partner for Defina Finance

3 min readNov 21, 2022


Calling all Heroes for a feast in the Foodverse!

OneRare becomes the Official Food Partner for Defina Finance, which means gamers can now claim unique Defina Heroes and Dish NFTs all at the same time!

Defina is a blockchain game full of Mystery Boxes, Heroes & Battlegrounds! It integrates Defi and NFT model in a P2E gaming mechanics where players get rewarded for training their Heroes and trading their assets within the Defina Finance Ecosystem. This let’s traditional player learn the complexities of Decentralized Finance through a fun gameplay.

OneRare will create a special menu for Heroes of Defina Finance as part of this partnership. The Food NFTs of this unique menu will be inspired by Defina Heroes and their weapons and will grant special powers to them during the gameplay, enabling gamers to train the strongest NFT Hero & monetize it.

“We are very excited to join forces with OneRare Foodverse. Both Defina and OneRare’s core goal has been to connect Web2 and traditional gamers to the Web3 and Metaverse NFT space. With our exciting new patches coming up, we are really excited to a very enhanced collaboration with the amazing team of OneRare”
- Nikki, COO, Defina

Get ready to grab some food while conquering your enemies! Details coming out soon…


Defina Finance is an online blockchain game that utilizes and combines the features of Defi and NFT to allow players to own their gaming assets and monetize them through playing and training. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Players can buy or collect various NFT Mystery Boxes to get heroes & weapons as well as fight and enhance their champions to learn skills in numerous game scenarios.

Define your destiny. Conquer your enemy. Earn FINA daily.

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OneRare is the World’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. We are creating the first-ever Virtual World for the global Food & Beverage Industry, that celebrates Food in Web3. With an immersive gaming experience, virtual restaurants, chef experiences and more, OneRare is all set to lead Food into the next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain !

🍩 Claim Dish NFTs from all across the world | Global Cuisines, Festive Menus, Vegan/Keto, Cocktails & more

🍟 Immerse in our Gamified Foodverse to create Dishes | Play-to-earn Farm, Farmer’s Marketplace, Kitchen, & Mobile Gaming Playground

🌿 Bringing Food Industry to Web3 | Collaborating with Celebrity Chefs, Iconic Restaurants, & Food Brands for their first NFTs in blockchain gaming

🍕 Food Partners to Web3 Projects | Special Menus for Web3 games & characters, Food Catering for Web3 events

🍉 NFT to Real Life | Swap NFTs for meals & deals from Top Restaurants/Brands

🍍 Action Against Hunger | Collaborate with Chefs & Projects to raise awareness against world hunger

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Gobbl is the world’s first Ethereum Layer-2 for Food, with a decentralized ecosystem of food dapps across delivery, social, gaming and loyalty-tech.