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The Fun, Food, NFTs and Rewards — everything is about to get real. It’s time for OneRare Mainnet on Polygon ! Get ready with your Apron and Frying pan, we are now live with our First Foodverse Island— The Gaming Zone.

Explore the 4 Areas of OneRare Gaming Zone

OneRare is building the world’s first Foodverse and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our first zone in our foodie planet — The Gaming Zone.

We have launched the first-ever global multiplayer NFT game for Foodies worldwide. Participate in this epic, one-of-a-kind experiment that will take you on an exciting journey across global cuisines and fill your heart with joy!

We are on a mission to NFTize every single dish in the world. From popular street food in Hong Kong to an exquisite dessert served to Turkish Sultans, from a delicious Indian curry to Belgium’s most famous potato snack — every dish will be featured on OneRare and immortalized on the blockchain.

Compete and collaborate with other foodies to mint your favourite dishes and use your dishes to battle it out against other gamers around the world. Let’s chef up and get you started !

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👨🏻‍🍳How to Get Started
🎂Early Mover Advantage
🪙Play & Earn


Stake ⮕ Claim ⮕ Cook ⮕ Play⮕ Win Rewards

The Gaming Zone is divided over 4 Areas, let’s take you through them one-by-one and talk about what you can do in each area.

1. Stake & Harvest Ingredient NFTs in our Farm

Our Farm features 6 De-Fi Staking Pools. Just like how you need ingredients in real life, on OneRare — you will need to collect Ingredients’ NFTs from these pools for your dishes. Each Pool has a Theme (Sunshine Dairy for Dairy Products, Farm Fresh for Fresh Produce etc.) and gives a fixed number of random ingredients continuously.

To get Ingredients from the pool into your wallet, you have to stake our in-game currency ($ORARE). Based on the number of Tokens you stake, you will receive your share of Ingredients in harvest. Simply stake $ORARE in the Pool of your choice and start claiming Ingredient NFTs.

2. Cook Up Dishes in our Kitchen

Every Dish in OneRare features a Magical Recipe — A List of Ingredients that cook up the dish. To claim a Dish NFT, collect all the Ingredients required as per the recipe and Cook up the Dish. If your wallet has the correct ingredients, those NFTs will be burned to mint your favourite Dish NFT. Want to buy all required Ingredients at once ? Use Magic Buy & bulk-buy as per the recipe needs.

Early movers have a great advantage here. Every time a Dish gets minted, the next mint will require burning a higher number of Ingredients. The increase in minting difficulty ensures that only a limited number of NFTs of a particular dish can ever exist.

3. Trade at the Farmer’s Market

At times, you will end up getting Ingredients you don’t need or not getting Ingredients that you do need. No fret, simply head to our Farmer’s Market to sell your ingredients to other players and earn $ORARE. You can also fill the gaps in your shopping list and buy Ingredients from other Farmers. You can also trade Dishes on the marketplace with other players to make a big fat profit.

4. Play & Earn in our Playground (Coming Soon)

With the Dish NFTs secure in your wallet, head to our Playground where you can you battle it out against other foodies in our first upcoming game, Foodtruck Wars and win $ORARE tokens.

Foodtrucks Wars is a 3 Player PvPvP Game where Users must bring 2 Dishes to battle. Every Dish has characteristics and parameters — cooking time, spiciness, number of ingredients, cuisine etc. Match your Dishes to the ever-changing theme of the Game and out-maneuvre your opponents to win Tokens. Climb up the leaderboard to win mega weekly and seasonal prizes.

An epic battle between three food trucks to earn token rewards and NFTs. Here’s your chance to win 5 ORARE with each victory.


1. Download Metamask Wallet extension & create your account

2. Connect to Polygon network and add Matic tokens to your Metamask wallet

3. Get $ORARE via MEXC Global or Quick Swap

4. Visit and you are ready to farm!


Early Gamers will be exposed to Farm with a lesser number of tokens staked and higher output from the farm. This means you will be able to stake less and earn more Ingredient NFTs. The number of Dishes minted would also be less and hence, you’ll need fewer Ingredients to mint a Dish.

So, you will have a higher number of Ingredients from the farm yet the kitchen will require fewer ingredients to mint a Dish. This headstart will be incredibly beneficial as you’ll realize how difficult it gets to mint a Dish once the game has a higher number of players.

GET, SET, COOKING! Click here to Play Now!


Apart from being a super fun game, OneRare offers very-high economical perks. Our ORARE token has real value, just like any other currency. This singular token will help you do transactions at each and every stage of the game. You can buy these from popular Exchanges like MEXC Global and QuickSwap.

Keep playing the game and create your own strategy to earn more ORARE. You can hold these ORARE in your wallet or exchange them against USD. Here’s a quick overview of how you can make a profit in the game:

  • Stake tokens, farm ingredients, and sell them to earn more ORARE
  • Combine ingredients, mint a Dish, and sell the Dish for a huge profit
  • Compound your returns by staking the tokens earned as profit
  • Use Dishes to participate in the Foodtruck Wars and win rewards in ORARE
  • Hold Dishes to get access to revenue distribution from the treasury and make passive income

OneRare is building an epic experience for Foodies on the Blockchain and we can’t wait to claim dibs to our favorite dish in the Foodverse. What about you, foodies ? Are you eyeing the French Fries or the Hanoi Pho ?!

If you have any questions about the Game or our Project, connect with us in our community groups :

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