Play More! Win Big! Season 4 of the OneRare Foodverse is here

3 min readSep 25, 2023


Goodmorning Foodies!

At OneRare, we’ve been hard at work cooking up some incredible updates to elevate your gaming experiences every season. Join us for a fresh season of harvesting, cooking and having fun in World’s First Foodverse as we serve you with a feast of updates! —

🛵Prepare to Unleash Food Fury

Foodverse’s much awaited showdown for all Fast & Furious Foodies — Food Fury is set for its Grand Launch in Season 4. Navigate a world of obstacles, feed the globe’s hungry masses, and use your OneRare NFTs to outsmart rival foodies.

🥫Enticing Quests for Every Food Brands

We’re introducing a dedicated quest page for each food brand that enters the Foodverse. With this we aim to make the onboarding process seamless for the brands consumers and foodies looking to experience the Real World connection of our NFTs.

🌠Soulbound NFTs that Celebrate Exclusivity

Get ready to collect exclusive Soulbound NFTs created by OneRare! These unique digital collectibles will add a whole new layer of excitement to your Foodverse experience. Stay tuned for more details on how to obtain these Rare tokens.

🌾Boost Your Harvest with 2X Farm Emissions

We’re doubling the fun in the OneRare Farm! Enjoy a 2x increase in emissions, allowing you to harvest even more ingredients for your hard work on the farm. It’s time to cultivate your virtual farmland and reap the benefits like never before. Don’t forget to make the most of your profits by locking your $ORARES for longer periods.

🔑NFT Rentals to Maximize Your Profit Potential

Want to make the most out of your Dish NFTs? You can soon activate NFT rentals for all your Dish NFTs, giving you the opportunity to earn passive income while helping others in the Foodverse enjoy your delectable creations. Share the culinary joy and watch your profits soar!

🚚FoodTruck Wars For All

We’re making FoodTruck Wars even more accessible and exciting by turning it into a Free to Play to Earn feature for all players. Now, you can compete in epic food battles, showcase your culinary skills, and earn rewards without spending a dime. It’s a level playing field for everyone!

🎊Surprise! Surprise!

Everyone loves surprises and so how can we not plan one! Rumour has it that Food Fury is NOT the only game to launch this season but our lips are sealed. So, you will have to wait and see for your self!

🏆A Fresh Start for All

In Season 4, we’re hitting the reset button on the leaderboard. We want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication in Season 3. Your efforts have been rewarded and appreciated. Season 4 is a fresh start, offering equal opportunities for all players to claim the coveted first position. So, gear up and aim for the top!

⏰Revised Kitchen Timings

We understand that will so much to explore, our busy chefs will have a lot on their plate, and so, the new season will have 2 Dishes launching everyday at 8 AM UTC and 4 PM UTC.

Season 4 is set to be a feast of innovation and entertainment, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this thrilling journey through the Foodverse. Keep an eye on our official channels for more updates and their launches.

Stay hungry for more, and we’ll see you in the Foodverse!


OneRare is the Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse, where food meets the blockchain! Dive into the first-ever fully virtual world for the global Food & Beverage Industry, where you can claim Dish NFTs from around the world. Play and earn in our gamified universe, create mouthwatering dishes, and explore the Farmer’s Marketplace to trade these NFTs.

OneRare is partnering with celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, and food brands to bring their first NFTs to blockchain within its immersive Gameplay. Swap NFTs for real-life meals from top restaurants and level up your Dish NFTs to bring your A-game out. Collect the entire menus for favorite Web3 games & characters, all while you join us in fighting world hunger.

OneRare is all set to lead Food into its next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain !

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