Prepare to meet Polo: HippoFull launches in OneRare Foodverse

4 min readApr 15, 2023


HippoFull is the first-ever NFT rewarding Hippo in Web3! The star of this fun game, Polo is a jolly purple hippo, who lives in Polygon Valley and has an insatiable hunger for watermelons. Feed Polo and watch him dance when he’s “full” as he showers you with a jackpot of ingredient NFTs!

Hippofull releases today in OneRare Foodverse

Have you met Polo?

Get ready to try your luck, feeding watermelons to the cutest Hippo, Polo!
HippoFull is NOW LIVE!

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Polo, the adorable purple Hippo lives in Polygon Valley. His favorite food is Watermelon & he just can’t get enough. Polo was blessed by the Gods to reward those who satisfy his hunger and his blessing is no small feat.

Meet Polo, the jolly purple Hippo who loves watermelons

Players must buy Watermelon for Polo in an attempt to feed him. If Polo gets full, he will reward you with a happy dance & a jackpot of Ingredient NFTs! If he doesn’t get full, you can try again.

How to Play

To play Hippoful, all you need is $ORARE topped up in your game wallet.

Top up your game wallet from your HippoFull Dashboard to start feeding Polo his favorite watermelons

Get ready to win big in 2 easy steps! :

👉Enter the game from the HippoFull tab in the Gaming Zone.

👉Buy watermelons for Polo worth 10 $ORARE each by clicking/tapping on the “FEED POLO” button.

Feed Polo to win big rewards

That’s it! When Polo is happy and full, he’ll reward you with up to 100 ingredient NFTs and a cute dance!

And even if he’s not full, you can try again & again until you win big!


Depending on how happy he feels, Polo will reward you with 1–100 Ingredient NFTs! You will get a preview of your claims at the end of each rounds, or an opportunity to try again.

A preview of all your claimed Ingredient NFTs pops up at the end of each round
Keep a check on your wins & claims from Winnings section of your game dashboard

HippoFull is a game-changer in NFT gaming, with its unique concept and potential rewards. You’ll love the simple gameplay and low entry cost that make it accessible to everyone. The winnings in HippoFull will get you closer to minting new Dish NFTs in the Kitchen or make a fortune by selling these in Farmer’s Market.

Let’s get HippoFull! 👉


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