Supercharge Your Foodventure with OneRare’s New Features

3 min readMar 30, 2024


Goodmorning Foodies! Are you ready to spice up your Foodverse journey? We are about to take your culinary journey to a whole new level with not one, but two exciting new features: Super Cook and Counter Offer!

Let’s dive straight into the details.


Picture this: you’re standing in front of your virtual pantry, with heaps of ingredients, and you’re thinking, “What the heck am I gonna cook?”

Enter Super Cook! This supercharged feature is like having your own personal culinary assistant, ready to turn your ingredients into a feast!

Maximum Quantity

Need to feed an army? No problem! Super Cook will analyze your ingredients and show you how to cook up a storm with the maximum number of dishes possible. Who knew your pantry could be so versatile?

Maximum Unique

Say goodbye to boring meals! Super Cook can help you discover unique dishes that’ll make you claim the title of Superfoodie, a cakewalk.

Random Dishes

Feeling lucky? Roll the dice with the Random Dishes option and let fate decide your menu for the day!

Super Cook won’t cost you a single $ORARE because, hey, you already own the ingredients! So go ahead, channel your inner gourmand, and let the cooking games begin!


It’s time to put your negotiation skills to the test and strike deals that’ll make you the envy of fellow Foodies. Wheel and deal like a pro with Counter Offer!

1. Make Your Offer: See an ingredient you want? Make a Counter Offer using the button and propose a price or trade terms that work for you. It’s like bargaining at a virtual farmer’s market, but with pixels instead of produce!

3. Wait Patiently: Once someone lists at your proposed offer, it will be automatically accepted, crediting the ingredient in your wallet and earnings in the sellers’. Piece of cake, right?

Remember, you must have spendable $ORARE in your wallet to be able to make counter offers. $ORARE equivalent to your counter offer willbe locked in for this purpose and can only be spend after withdrawing your counter offer(s).

Pro Tip: You can share your counter offers with the community to draw attention of interested sellers.

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your bargaining skills, and dive headfirst into the delicious realm of OneRare Foodverse.

With Super Cook and Counter Offer by your side, every culinary adventure is bound to be a recipe for success.

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OneRare Foodverse is the Food Metaverse, where food meets the blockchain! Dive into the first-ever fully virtual world for the global Food & Beverage Industry, where you can claim Dish NFTs from around the world. Play and earn in our gamified universe, create mouthwatering dishes, and explore the Farmer’s Marketplace to trade these NFTs.

OneRare is partnering with celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, and food brands to bring their first NFTs to blockchain within its immersive Gameplay. Swap NFTs for real-life meals from top restaurants and level up your Dish NFTs to bring your A-game out in FoodTruck Wars & Food Fury. Collect the entire menus for favorite Web3 games & characters, all while you join us in fighting world hunger.

OneRare is all set to lead Food into its next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain !

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