The Feedchain by FeedFeed Launches Exclusive Shop in OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readJun 23, 2022


The Feedchain marks FeedFeed’s foray into Web3, bringing one of the world’s largest crowdsourced food publications and social media communities, catering to 30 million monthly users, to the Foodverse powered by Polygon.

OneRare is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Feedchain — the food centric Web3 community of Feedfeed, one of the world’s top Food communities.

OneRare will be working closely with the FeedChain team to launch The Feedfeed Shop experience in the Polygon-built Metaverse, the world’s first virtual specialty foods and lifestyle shop. Users have a chance to interact with The Feedfeed Shop’s hand-picked products in the Foodverse, with special perks for shoppers including NFTs and real world experiences. Future FeedChain Metaverse experiences will offer food lovers, creators and brands a variety of gamified educational experiences, cook-a-longs, panels, parties, inspired by a ‘play-to-earn’ methodology.

Users can attend special events (1-credits to Clay Williams) and Shop at their Store (2-credits to Ivan Solis) bringing Real-life experiences to the Foodverse

Feedfeed was founded by Julie & Dan Resnick in 2013 as a tool to centralize and organize food content across social media. Over the past decade, the community has witnessed stupendous growth — one of the world’s most powerful food communities and attracting millions of users.

Having built this highly engaged community of food lovers, content creators, and brands, Feedfeed’s founders have launched FeedChain, a food-centric Web3 Community, NFT Marketplace, and Metaverse Experience. FeedChain will leverage Feedfeed’s Monthly reach of over 30 million to onboard Web2 audiences and creators into Web3 and the Metaverse at scale, in a meaningful and safe way.

FeedChain will bring their NFT Marketplace to the OneRare Foodverse experience, offering creators a way to directly monetize with their super fans, and a way for food lovers to engage with NFTs to invest in their favorite creators and benefit from exclusive perks like products, discounts and exclusive food-centric experiences. Speaking on this partnership, Founder, Julie Resnick believes that Web3 technology is here to open up a whole new world for foodies & the Feedfeed community.

FeedChain is excited to partner with OneRare to launch The Feedfeed Shop experience in the Metaverse, the world’s first virtual specialty foods and lifestyle shop. FeedChain is excited about the opportunity to bring Feedfeed’s Web2 audience into OneRare’s Metaverse to create a shopping experience that combines products, with entertaining companion content on how to use those products. This is just the beginning of an amazing opportunity that FeedChain and One Rare have to leverage the Metaverse and Web3 in general for food audiences in a variety of ways.

- Julie Resnick, Founder, The Feedfeed

At OneRare, we strongly believe in the power of community and collaborating with the Feedchain team allows us to introduce more foodies to the world of blockchain.

“Julie & Dan are an inspiration with how they mobilised global audiences to connect over Food, and FeedFeed has brought amazing content to our social media for the past ten years. We hope to take this experience to the next level in our Foodverse and work with the Feedchain team to enthral creators & foodies worldwide”

- Supreet Raju, Founder, OneRare

The new vogue of Food experiences has arrived and its all happening in OneRare’s Foodverse. Details coming soon !


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