Trufflin becomes the First American Brand to enter OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readMar 24, 2022


From breaking the myth around elite ingredients to bringing high quality French Truffles to American Chefs, Trufflin is set to embark on a new adventure as it explores the world’s first Food Metaverse to bring Truffles to global audiences.

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with Trufflin to bring gourmet delights to the Foodverse. OneRare will be working with the Trufflin team to create a gourmet experience for our foodies, and introduce exclusive Truffle & Caviar NFTs into the OneRare gameplay.

Trufflin is founded by husband-wife duo, Cornelious Robinson and Liv Woudstra-Robinson, who decided to break the elitist myth of Truffles & Caviar and introduce these wondrous ingredients to consumers worldwide.

Talking about their entry into the Foodverse, Liv believes the metaverse will bring exciting changes to the Food Industry. “Trufflin is thrilled to join the One Rare gaming adventure. As a young and innovative food brand, our focus has always been to bring truffles and high-end ingredients to the people. Being a part of One Rare echoes our mission of making rare delicacies more accessible, as any gamer in the world will be able to use Trufflin products in their virtual recipes.”

Access Gourmet Delights from Trufflin as NFTs

In the first phase of this collaboration, users will get to access some of Trufflin’s finest ingredients — Black & White Truffle Oil, Truffle sauces in Sriracha, Ranch & Buffalo flavours, and ofcourse, the OG fresh Truffles. Trufflin will also bring a range of their caviar delights to the foodverse as we go along.

“A truffle is more than an ingredient, it is something that people want to experience and be a part of. From the unique way it is harvested , traded on the global market and freshly shaved on your favorite dish, the behind the scenes can be just as interesting as the truffle itself. We hope that the Metaverse will allow us to bring that experience to foodies around the world. When our customers shop with Trufflin, we want them to get more than a great product. We want to invite them into the “truffle culture”, and we think that the Metaverse will help us spread knowledge and create a passionate community.” adds Cornelious.

One of our core beliefs at OneRare is to make Food accessible to all, and we are thrilled to have Trufflin as our partner in our journey. Trufflin is revolutionizing the way people consume Truffles & Caviar, making it accessible to consumers. We cannot wait to introduce them to blockchain audiences in our Foodverse & kickstart their Truffle journey.

Are you excited to Truffle up the Foodverse? We sure are!


We started Trufflin to bring high quality French truffles to NYC’s best restaurants. Since 2016, we’ve sourced our truffles from a collective of truffle hunters and farmers, ensuring top-grade quality from season to season. The journey continued — even during the pandemic — as we now bring fresh truffles & caviar to home kitchens along with innovative products to infuse the unique flavor of truffles in everyday meals. Our recipes are made from scratch alongside some of the top chefs we work with — they’re our first taste-testers and our toughest critics, and they make sure we only deliver exceptional flavor. Whether you want to celebrate a life’s milestone with a beautiful truffle or quickly elevate any plate, Trufflin is your one-stop shop!

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