Unlocking OneRare’s Top Players’ Secret to Success

3 min readJan 27, 2023


Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Food NFTs, we will provide valuable insights on how to make the most of your stakes in OneRare as guided by top players of our first Season.

OneRare recently interviewed few of the top players of Season 1 leaderboard. Some of them has been here since the Beta Testnet while some joined after the announcement of Mainnet. We explored how they have been able to succeed in the game. From taking advantage of airdrops to staking tokens strategically, here’s their take on how to get maximum benefits from your stakes—


All of your players agreed that the earlier one takes part in the game, the easier it is to accumulate more ingredients from their stakes. They were able to take advantage of harvesting ingredients at the right moment and hence get the first mint of new Dish NFTs.

⚠️Never too late

The Kitchen releases new dishes every 8 hours, and each new release is a new opportunity to grab the first mint of that dish. So, it is really never too late to join the Foodverse.


Most top players have more then 100K tokens staked in the farm since the algorithm favors those with higher stakes. So in order to grab all the ingredients for your Dish, make sure you stake more in our Farm.

⚠️Stake Wisely

While high stakes will get you more claims, it is equally important to stake wisely, you can put all your tokens in only 1 or 2 farm pools that give you most ingredients from the dish’s recipe. If you need vegetables and spices to mint your next dish, staking in Meat & Fish Co. will not be of much benefit.


While staking gives you ingredients, each stake contains random batch of ingredient, you can choose to keep the ones you need while trading the rest for tokens to buy more of what you need.

⚠️Keep a watch on Market

As you proceed to list the lesser essential ingredients for sale, it is important to know the Market trends, especially if you own high-demand ingredients. This will help you price them well and make the most profit on your sales.


Owning maximum number of dishes get you the top positions on leaderboard, but instead of multiple mints of the same dish, our top players choose to sell some of their Dishes to get a variety which will help them in Season 2.

⚠️Barter is better

If you don’t want to lose your position as well as the value of your minted dishes, you can trade it with an equally priced dish of your liking. Use our Community Channels on Discord and Telegram to crack a fair deal.


All of our top players unanimously agreed on OneRare’s massive potential and are confident on getting an optimistic return of their investments in the future. No⚠️here!

By uncovering the blueprint to success of early-joiners, we hope we’ve given you a taste of the endless possibilities that OneRare offers. So, gather your ingredients, fire up your kitchen, and join the game early to cook up your own success story in the world of Food NFTs!


OneRare is the World’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. We are creating the first-ever Virtual World for the global Food & Beverage Industry, that celebrates Food in Web3. With an immersive gaming experience, virtual restaurants, chef experiences and more, OneRare is all set to lead Food into the next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain !

🍩 Claim Dish NFTs from all across the world | Global Cuisines, Festive Menus, Vegan/Keto, Cocktails & more

🍟 Immerse in our Gamified Foodverse to create Dishes | Play-to-earn Farm, Farmer’s Marketplace, Kitchen, & Mobile Gaming Playground

🌿 Bringing Food Industry to Web3 | Collaborating with Celebrity Chefs, Iconic Restaurants, & Food Brands for their first NFTs in blockchain gaming

🍕 Food Partners to Web3 Projects | Special Menus for Web3 games & characters, Food Catering for Web3 events

🍉 NFT to Real Life | Swap NFTs for meals & deals from Top Restaurants/Brands

🍍 Action Against Hunger | Collaborate with Chefs & Projects to raise awareness against world hunger

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