Zorawar Kalra brings Massive Restaurants into OneRare, the World’s first Food Metaverse

5 min readFeb 15, 2022


Massive Restaurants, representing India’s premier brands of restaurants, Farzi Cafe, Masala Library, Made in Punjab, Pa Pa Ya, Bo Tai and more, is all set to enter the Metaverse.

A Massive news for all fans of Food & the Foodverse.

OneRare is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with the Prince of Indian Cuisine, Zorawar Kalra that brings Massive Restaurants for the first time into the blockchain space.

Massive Restaurants, that includes Farzi Café, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Made In Punjab, Pa Pa Ya , Younion, Bo Tai, Botai Switch, Swan, Butter Delivery and Louis Burger under its wing, is going to expand it’s wings in the world’s first food metaverse, aka, Foodverse.

Zorawar Kalra, amongst one of the youngest, most successful restaurateurs of India, has reinvented Indian cuisine with Massive Restaurants. Considered as “The Prince of Indian Cuisine’, he strongly believes in bringing newer experiences to audiences, and his eye is now on metaverse domination.

“Massive Restaurants has always believed in staying ahead of times, and we are excited to lead the way for Indian restaurants in the Metaverse. OneRare is building the future, and their foodverse is going to change the way we eat. Our brands like Farzi Cafe are redefining Modern Indian cuisine across the world, and with the help of OneRare, we will be able to set up the first ever Indian Restaurant in the metaverse !”

— Zorawar Kalra

Farzi Cafe expands from global locations (India, London & Dubai) to the Foodverse

OneRare will work closely with the Massive team to first launch Farzi Cafe as the First Indian Restaurant in the Metaverse. Farzi Cafe has perfected the science of molecular gastronomy with India’s spice and flavour, creating a completely new experience in the casual dining segment.

Spread over 11 outlets in India, along with international stops in Dubai, London, Riyadh, Muscat, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Canada, Farzi Cafe is the rising flagbearer of modern Indian food across the world. As they expand globally, it only makes sense to take their first steps into the new world of Web3 technology.

OneRare will help Massive Restaurants step into the world of blockchain, creating exclusive Food NFTs, virtual restaurant experiences and much more.

Access Gourmet Delights from Farzi Cafe & Masala Library as NFTs

Creating an immersive social experience for their diners and fans, OneRare and Massive Restaurants are all set to change the way Indian food is perceived worldwide.

“Zorawar and his team have been revolutionising the Indian food scene in more ways than one. They have been visionaries in introducing the finest Modern Indian cuisine to global audiences, and we are delighted to extend this experience to the blockchain. OneRare will work closely with Massive Restaurants to create the First Indian Restaurant Experience in Web3 & be a pioneer in the space.”

— Supreet Raju, co-founder, OneRare

The future of the Food Industry is beckoning all to explore the Metaverse — and Massive Restaurants is all set on that path. Are you ready for your dinner date in the Foodverse?


Massive Restaurants, spearheaded by Zorawar Kalra and mentored by his illustrious father & Czar of Indian Cuisine — Jiggs Kalra, was established with an aim to develop India’s premier brands of restaurants that specialize in targeting all segments of the market, while showcasing the evolution of Indian cuisine and putting Indian food on the global palate permanently. Success stories at Massive Restaurants include Farzi Café, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Made In Punjab, Bo Tai, Pa Pa Ya, Younion, Botai Switch, Swan, Butter Delivery and Louis Burger, amongst others.

Massive Restaurants : Website | Linkedin
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Bo Tai : India| Website | Instagram


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